Golden Thank Yous: The Official Currency of the Milky Way Galaxy
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     Print Your Own     

Making your own Golden Thank Yous is easy. For maximum variety,
every bill may be ANY color (even white is fine)
and may have ANY back side (design your own if you like).


Buy some variety packs of colored paper, letter size (8.5 x 11 in).

Mix the colored sheets however you like.
(Some printers may do better if you don't mix pages of different thicknesses, though.)

Load them into the paper tray of your printer.

Using Microsoft Word or compatible software, print one of the following 8 page documents:

A-H.docx (the bills A through H with denominations 1 through 34)
B-I.docx (the bills B through I with denominations 2 through 55)
C-J.docx (the bills C through J with denominations 3 through 89)
D-K.docx (the bills D through K with denominations 5 through 144)
E-L.docx (the bills E through L with denominations 8 through 233)
F-M.docx (the bills F through M with denominations 13 through 377)
G-N.docx (the bills G through N with denominations 21 through 610)
H-O.docx (the bills H through O with denominations 34 through 987)
I-P.docx (the bills I through P with denominations 55 through 1597)
Print the bills A-H your first time, B-I your second time, etc., as needed. As time goes on,
kids get excited about getting the more valuable bills. However, as you use the larger bills, kids
get less excited about the smaller bills. Hence, don't use the larger bills until you really need them.
One way to delay the need for larger bills is to let kids spend their Golden Thank Yous on auctions
and other rewards of your choosing, thereby increasing the value of the remaining money.

Collect the 8 pages that come out of your printer.

Feed them back into your printer's paper tray after rotating half a turn, as shown.

  Using Microsoft Word or compatible software, print one of the following 8 page documents:

Backs - Multiplication.docx (easier - cool pictures that help kids learn their multiplication facts) 

Backs - Great Scientists, GTY Math, Nines, Algebra.docx (harder - bios of great scientists,
the math behind Golden Thank Yous, the golden ratio, the golden spiral, the Fibonacci sequence,
square roots, multiplication by 9 including a cool "magic trick," and some basic algebra concepts)

You may design your own backs as well. 

Every bill may have any back side, so don't worry about keeping the pages in order.

With more than 100 backs and 10 colors, each denomination has more than 1000 possibilities.
Kids enjoy the variety since it makes trading Golden Thank Yous with their friends more interesting.

Get some scissors for your kids to cut up the Golden Thank Yous.

Cut along the gray borders of the bills on the FRONT sides of the bills (with the letters showing).
If you do it correctly, you will actually be cutting off some of the gray borders on the back sides.

Each page needs 3 vertical cuts and 5 horizontal cuts, as shown above.

Pay your kids 1 Golden Thank You (or whatever the smallest denomination is you just printed)
for every sheet they cut up. Save most of the bills for them to earn later!