Golden Thank Yous: The Official Currency of the Milky Way Galaxy
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Golden Thank Yous are also for teachers to use in the classroom as their class currency. 
Print your own and have your students cut them up. Reward students for good work and good behavior by paying them Golden Thank Yous. You can also encourage team work by giving everyone in the class 5 Golden Thank Yous if they accomplish a group goal, like being quiet in the hallways for the younger kids or group projects for the older kids. Encourage your students to trade Golden Thank Yous with their friends in the class when they do nice things for each other. If a student distinguishes themselves by doing a truly excellent job at something, give them a big reward and watch the other students try harder too. If you want to have even more fun, have a class auction from time to time so that students can win fun prizes that you've picked out.

Golden Thank Yous are also an economics lesson for your class. As you introduce more and more Golden Thank Yous into the classroom, it will take more and more Golden Thank Yous to get the students equally excited. This effect is called inflation and is an issue with every currency in the world. In the United States, the money supply is controlled by the Federal Reserve which can print US Dollars whenever it wants, just like you can print Golden Thank Yous whenever you want.

If you want your Golden Thank Yous to be different from the Golden Thank Yous that kids might be earning at home from their parents, just sign your bills. Then explain to the class that your class auctions will only accept bills that you've signed.

Also, designing more possibilities for what goes on the backs of Golden Thank Yous is as simple as editing a Microsoft Word document, as described here.

Have a vocabulary list for your students to learn? Put one word, with its definition and usage in a sentence, on the back of each bill. More generally, whatever you are currently teaching your students, there is usually a fun way to reinforce those ideas by putting them on the backs of Golden Thank Yous which you can then use in the classroom. You could even have a class project where each student creates at least 3 backs (as homework) based on the most interesting ideas they've learned in the class. If you come up with 8 pages of backs for Golden Thank Yous that you are proud to share with everyone for free, email them to us at and we will consider posting them on this web page for others to enjoy and learn from as well.  

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Also, consider ordering copies of Professor Bray's book (ages 7 to 14 and up), "Trevor the Time Traveler and the Murkian Threat" for your class to read. In the story, Trevor and his sister Farrah become secret agents for the most advanced civilization in the Milky Way Galaxy whose currency translates into English as a "Golden Thank You." While the book is a lot of fun to read, it is also a vehicle for Professor Bray to explain some of the most amazing true science ideas ever discovered, including brief discussions of Special and General Relativity.

Trevor the Time Traveler and the Murkian Threat

Special offer for teachers: If your class reads  "Trevor the Time Traveler and the Murkian Threat," the author, who is a professor of math and physics at Duke University, will do his best to schedule a video phone call via Skype (or just a regular speaker phone call if you prefer) with you and your class so that students may ask questions about Trevor's and Farrah's adventures, the science behind their story, and the universe.  Click here to request a date and time on Professor Bray's calendar up to 3 months in advance.

 You can also watch one of  Professor Bray's presentations to a large audience of kids in the "Math and Science" section.