Golden Thank Yous: The Official Currency of the Milky Way Galaxy
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We've compiled a list of necessary supplies and some useful accessories here. Feel free to suggest more good ideas by emailing us.
assortment of colored paper
Feel free to use white paper to print Golden Thank Yous the first time. But if you want to get kids even more excited, use an assortment of color paper.

Kids also enjoy collecting Golden Thank Yous in binders with clear plastic sheets like the ones below. This is also more educational for them since the backs of the Golden Thank Yous come in sets of 8 educational lessons. All of the backs of the Golden Thank Yous are numbered so that kids can collect them all, put them in order, and then learn cool math and science from them. Over 100 different lessons created by Professor Hubert Bray include creative ways of understanding the multiplication table, square roots, and simple algebra, as well as biographies of some of the greatest scientists who ever lived. Other lessons on the backs of the Golden Thank Yous explain the fronts of the Golden Thank Yous which are based on algebraic concepts and the golden spiral. Every child will understand some of the lessons and few will understand them all - which is ideal for challenging kids to learn more.

Hence, we recommend buying a 3 ring binder and at least one pack of 20 horizontal pockets for each kid using Golden Thank Yous (which are 2 1/2" x 3 7/8" and fit nicely inside the products listed below).

20 Clear Plastic Sheets with 8 Horizontal Pockets for Displaying 160 Golden Thank Yous in a Binder

20 Clear Plastic Sheets with 8 Horizontal Pockets for Displaying 160 Golden Thank Yous in a Binder (BCW brand)

For small orders, the best deal (when I wrote this) was from Hobbies Depot Inc (through amazon) because they offer free shipping. Another good choice was 9pocket (fulfilled by amazon), though they only offered free shipping on orders over $35.

Clear Plastic Sheets

20 Clear Plastic Sheets with 8 Horizontal Pockets for Displaying 160 Golden Thank Yous in a Binder (Ultra Pro brand)

The best price of all was from ACS Pacific Supply (fulfilled by amazon). Free shipping over $35, and it won't ship at all until you order at least $25 of amazon products. However, you can leave it in you amazon cart until you purchase something else anyway.

heavy duty binder
You will also need a good 1 inch binder for each kid, if you don't already have one.

While you're shopping, don't forget to pick up a copy of Professor Bray's book for younger readers (ages 7 to 14 and up), "Trevor the Time Traveler and the Murkian Threat." In the story, Trevor and his sister Farrah become secret agents for the most advanced civilization in the Milky Way Galaxy whose currency translates into English as a "Golden Thank You." While the book is a lot of fun to read, it is also a vehicle for Professor Bray to explain some of the most amazing true science ideas ever discovered, including brief discussions of Special and General Relativity.

Trevor the Time Traveler and the Murkian Threat

Special offer for teachers: If your class reads  "Trevor the Time Traveler and the Murkian Threat," the author, who is a professor of math and physics at Duke University, will do his best to schedule a video phone call via Skype (or just a regular speaker phone call if you prefer) with you and your class so that students may ask questions about Trevor's and Farrah's adventures, the science behind their story, and the universe.  Click here to request a date and time on Professor Bray's calendar up to 3 months in advance.

 You can also watch one of  Professor Bray's presentations to a large audience of kids in the "Math and Science" section.